About Us

Clean Up Hong Kong Trails (CUHKT) is a group of dedicated HK trail walkers that regularly organise clean up actions on our beautiful trails.  We currently number about 120 people and the group continues to expand. We have a lot of fun and get heaps of encouragement along the way from fellow trail walkers from near and far. We have completed a cleanup hike every month since October 2016 and have no intention of stopping.

Our initial action took place on October 23rd 2016 when we set ourselves the task of cleaning the entire MacLehose Trail in a single day!  With a group of 68 people split into 7 teams we cleaned Stages 3-10, moving more than a hundred bags of rubbish to the respective trailheads. Since then we have mounted multiple follow up ‘deep-cleaning’ actions on the Hong Kong trail, Lantau Island, Pat Sin Leng (out of Tai Po), and we continue to clean the MacLehose regularly (M2-M8).

Our next action can be found on our Facebook page.  Our actions typically take place on one Sunday each month.

If you would like to support our actions feel free to Contact Us via this site, our Clean Up Hong Kong Trails Facebook page or email: hayes.rob04@gmail.com